Why LA CPAs Use Cloud Data Backup Solutions

Author: Craig Pollack Date: Jun 05, 2015 Topics: _CPA and Accountant Blogs

Why LA CPAs Use Cloud Data Backup SolutionsIs your firm considering a cloud data backup solution?

Without an effective data backup plan, CPAs in Los Angeles put their data at risk. This can lead to compliance violations, fines, penalties, and unplanned downtime time if your data is lost or stolen.

If you’re in a leadership role in an LA CPA firm, you should be aware of your firm’s options when it comes to protecting your data.

Unexpected events, like natural disasters – especially earthquakes and wildfires, can happen at any time. So can human error.

Either can cost you your data and threaten your firm's survivability.

And with the well-publicized breaches at Sony Pictures and Anthem BlueCross directly impacting the greater Los Angeles area, it would be a huge mistake in judgement to think that your accounting firm is too small or too-unsexy to be a target of hackers or sabotage by a disgruntled former _____ (fill in the blank).

Cloud data backup solutions offer a combination of benefits generally not found in other backup systems including:

  1. Automated offsite backup process — Cloud data backup solutions allow you to schedule and initiate backups automatically. Data is automatically transferred offsite, protecting you from physical and environmental threats.
  2. Cost-effective—Investments in hardware, software, and media aren’t required other than for general access to the Internet—something you’re almost certainly doing already. (You are reading a blog right?) Plus, you don’t have to worry about upgrades or migrations to keep pace with version changes, security vulnerabilities, and technology obsolescence.
  3. Quick data restoration — Online backup solutions enable you to restore your data quickly and easily should a natural disaster occur. That can save you very significant unplanned downtime and employee labor.
  4. Efficiency and reliabilityCloud data backup solutions often feature the most advanced technology available, including things like compression, industry-leading encryption, data deduplication, and application-specific protection.
  5. Ease of use — Web-based management features and user interfaces make cloud backup solutions easy to use and configure. Many also incorporate setup and configuration wizards, making for rapid deployment.
  6. Agility and scalability — Increasing or decreasing storage capacity is generally painless, one of the cloud’s biggest and most attractive advantages. Plus, most cloud-based backup solutions integrate with existing storage devices, applications, and operating systems.
  7. Lower energy consumption — Using the cloud enables you to avoid investing in larger server rooms and equipment, reducing the costs of backing up. It’s also another way to reduce your CPA firm’s carbon footprint.
  8. Security — Most online backup solutions use industry-leading encryption and security practices. That means your data is not only recoverable, but also secure. Without the encryption key, others can’t read your files. So even if your data is stolen, it’s protected.

The Bottom Line

Is your firm doing all it can to protect its data?

Cloud data backup solutions are a cost-effective and easy way to protect data.

In addition to allowing you to quickly and efficiently restore your data, cloud backup provides an added measure of redundancy and security when you need it.

An unexpected event, whether it’s a natural disaster or human error, could happen at any time. It’s important to be prepared. The benefits shown here should help you decide the best course of action for your LA CPA firm.


Has your firm ever lost its data either through a natural disaster or human error? What were the consequences that other CPAs in LA should be aware of? Let us know your thoughts in the Comments box below.

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Craig Pollack

Craig Pollack

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