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As with anything FPA does, it all comes down to our "how" that differentiates us most. And it's no different when it comes to our Project Implementation Services.  As a certified partner with all major hardware and software vendors (Microsoft, VMware, SonicWALL, ESET, Dell, HP, Citrix, Cisco, Datto, and ShoreTel to name a few), we have the experience and expertise to take on pretty much any technology infrastructure related project.

All successful technology projects begin with planning.  As they say, "proper planning prevents poor performance".  An important part of this planning is the input of those who are most affected - the stakeholders and the end users.  We are involved with clients from the beginning to ensure that the objectives of the project are met during implementation.


We meet with our clients at the onset to determine and document the goals and objects of the project to ensure that what we're ultimately going to deliver meets these initial objectives. This high level plan is then formalized into a step-by-step Implementation Plan that we use throughout the project to ensure the quality and accuracy of what we're delivering. This also prevents the dreaded project scope creep. We also use it as a basis for much of the ongoing communication during the project to ensure the client is constantly kept up-to-date.


Through our partnerships, we will then work to determine the lowest available costs for our clients and, once approved, will procure all hardware, software, and related components.  This is part of the full-service approach we offer to our clients.

Delivery & Setup

We deliver and configure dedicated file servers, routers, switches, firewalls, workstations, and all other on-premise project related components. This setup includes installation and configuration of all network interface cards, UPS units, and backup equipment.  In addition, system diagnostic routines are always performed to test equipment prior to use.

Network Operating System Installation

We install and configure the network operating system and all related components. Network printing is setup including configuration of all print servers, print queues and operators. Creation of users, user groups and trustee directory assignments is also performed.

Cable Installation

Prior to installation of cabling, we work directly with clients during the planning phase to guide the planning process and ensure that all current cabling requirements as well as future considerations are met. We work closely with third party cable installers to ensure that all cables and connectors are properly installed and tested with a minimal amount of business interruption.

System Installation

After the hardware has been configured and the network operating system has been installed, we deliver and install all hardware and software in designated locations at the client site.  We test all hardware and network operating procedures and configure all software applications for optimum performance on the network.  We install and configure tape backup equipment and software, as well as Uninterruptible Power Supplies and automatic shutdown software.

Network Customization

FPA Technology Services, Inc. does everything necessary to prepare the network for a client's use before the client sits down to use applications on the network. This may include a variety of customization procedures - definition of all users and security passwords, creation of custom system menus and specific menus for each user, creation of custom login scripts for each user, and specific configuration of each user's workstation to have access to the appropriate resources.


As with all of our services, documentation is key - and projects are no different. While performing the project implementation tasks we are also creating and updating user procedures, creating or updating network documentation (ie: network diagrams, configuration settings, etc.), and naturally updating the project plan. All of this documentation is provided to you at the end of every project.

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