Personal Essentials


The following list details essential character assets needed for a successful career at FPA Technology Services, Inc.

All members of the FPA team hold each other to these standards:

1. Integrity

You must be able to hold yourself and your peers to a high standard of morals.  Often times it's as simple as "do the right thing".

2. Appearance

We always wear professional attire.  This means a suit and tie. Dress to impress in a business setting.  Look as though you want to command respect.

3. Self Confident

This is the ability to carry yourself in a positive fashion.  To be able to act as though you know what's going on, even when you might not.  Being a consultant doesn't necessarily mean knowing all the answers;  it means ultimately being able to provide a solution to a client.  Never, ever say "I don't know".

4. Self Motivated

Maintain an internal drive to achieve.  We are all over-achievers in our individual roles.  We expect the best from everyone, and everyone must expect the best from themselves.

5. Detail Oriented

You must be able to look at and understand the smallest details of a project.  Understand that even the smallest details may have the largest ramifications.

6. Willingness to Sacrifice

The hours and workload in IT are often challenging.  Every team member is an integral part of our success.  Sometimes it's necessary to work late or on weekends in order to best serve the client.

7. Responsible

As a member of the FPA team, often times you will be held accountable for your actions, judgments, and ideals.  You must possess the ability to hold yourself accountable for the bad as well as the good.

8. Communicate Effectively

Good communication skills, both verbal and written are imperative in order to be successful at FPA.  We are constantly in communication with our team members and our clients, as well as associated professionals we work with. Writing style, skills, and the ability to clearly convey ideas are the cornerstones of communicating effectively at FPA.

9. FPA Look and Feel

Every letter, fax, manual, instruction sheet, training outline, disk label, etc. cannot leave our office without having the FPA Look and Feel.  Everything must look the same, be spelled correctly, use proper grammar, and contain correct punctuation.  Everything gets reviewed by a second FPA staff member prior to leaving our office.

10. Team Oriented

You must be able to interact positively with your FPA team members as well as the staff of our clients.  There are many different types of personalities in the working world and we've definitely seen our share.  You have to be the flexible one, not the client.

11. Service Oriented

You must be able to think of service as our main priority. What are we doing for the client?  What does the client think we are doing?  We are not in business to sell anything.  We don't market, advertise, or solicit new clients.   All of our new business comes from referrals.  This is because of the high level of service we provide.

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