About Us

IT the Way It's Supposed to Be!

Simply put, our purpose is to redefine what it means to be an IT Service Provider. IT the way it’s supposed to be!

We are THE premier outsourced IT service provider in the greater Los Angeles area and have been since 1991. With our "business first" approach, we pride ourselves on being the trusted technology advisor for our clients helping them to leverage technology to achieve their business objectives. We distinguish ourselves by forming meaningful client relationships and delivering world class service and support. As a single source for all the technology services an organization may need, FPA offers three core areas of service:

  • Design, Implementation, Management and Support of On-Premise/Cloud/Hybrid/Virtual IT Infrastructure and End-Users
  • Strategic Technology Planning, Budgeting, and Guidance
  • Cyber Security Assessments, Managed Security, and Forensics and eDiscovery Services

With FPA, it's about how we do what we do, the value we provide to our clients and our ability to come through big-time - over and over again.

FPA works with clients who understand the value technology brings to their business and who want to get the most out of their technology. We build long-term relationships with our clients and believe in doing all that can be done for them. We believe in doing "more for less". So our primary focus is on the quality of service we deliver to our existing clients. We believe in diligence, commitment, unquestionable integrity, putting the needs of our clients first, and honoring the intellectual capital of our staff.

We create an environment for our staff that is professionally fulfilling.

Our recruiting philosophy is to seek out and recruit professionals who are the very best in their fields. The management philosophy is open and sharing, one where the predominant concern is to nurture the staff and enable each individual to reach his or her true potential. We foster a "Culture of Constant Improvement" where everyone (and everything) is expected to grow, develop, and improve continuously. Simply put - we want to be great at everything we do and deliver value in everything we provide!

Our Core Values

IT Support Los Angeles, Woodland Hills

Take Care of the Client

Computer Support Los Angeles, Woodland Hills

Take Care of Our Staff

Tech Support Los Angeles, Woodland Hills

Document and Standardize

Be Professional and Consultative

Technology Support Los Angeles, Woodland Hills

Build Something Bigger Than Ourselves

Our Credo

  • Assume complete responsibility for a client's computer system. Help in any way you can.
  • Always take a business perspective, as well as a computer perspective, when deciding on a course of action.
  • Do more work for fewer clients (not a little bit of work for a lot of clients). Form a partnership with our clients. Be selective about our clients.
  • Do good work. Do really good work. Be proud of your work.
  • Be reliable. Be there when they need you. Come through.
  • Communicate effectively and professionally with clients - always keep them informed. Never make them wonder what's going on. Show honest concern.
  • Communicate with FPA team members. Think through issues completely. Use all of FPA's resources and people to do what's best for the client.
  • Take a proactive approach. Make recommendations. Ask questions. Spend the time.
  • Be conscious of value. Is the amount of time (i.e. money) we're spending on a job worth it to the client?
  • Put yourself in the client's shoes. What does the client do? What is important to the client? Balance the big picture with the task at hand.
  • Have fun. Always have fun. Enjoy the people you work with. Enjoy our clients.
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Who’s NOT a good fit?

We believe success with our clients revolves all around the strength of the client relationship. And this usually starts with how FPA fits with the client and the client fits with FPA. So, some of the signs of who we might NOT be a good fit with include:

  • If personal relationships are not valued in your organization
  • If quality and professionalism is not truly valued in your organization
  • If you’re not open to improving your technology to industry standard best practices
  • If you want to self-diagnose your own technology prescription
  • If you’re not open to a proactive approach to managing your technology
  • If cost is your only determining factor

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