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Is Your Business Prepared for Data Loss?

Information and the underlying technology infrastructure are the life blood for most businesses. Studies show that 93% of companies who lose data or access to their systems for just 10 days file for bankruptcy within a year while 50% file for bankruptcy immediately*. Data loss can be devastating and having a reliable backup and disaster recovery system can mean the difference between staying afloat or not.

What Our BDR Solution Provides

FPA offers a reliable and cost effective business continuity solution for our clients. With our advanced system, you'll never have to worry about losing your information or access to your critical systems again. Our BDR solution is fast, reliable, secure, and most importantly highly cost effective.  It provides the following capabilities:

  • Backup with infinite restore points and rapid recovery
  • Encryption of backup files using a 256-bit military grade AES algorithm
  • Cost effective online storage in the cloud
  • Secure online storage at redundant locations around the country
  • Full server restores to bare metal, to dissimilar hardware or to and from virtual environments
  • Fail-over to virtual servers within an hour (providing timely business continuity)

* Source: National Archives & Records Administration in Washington.

Backup & Disaster Recovery

What It Does and How It Works

Using a Network Attached Storage (NAS) based device, our system performs backups at the hard drive block level where the actual digital 1's and 0's are captured eliminating issues caused by open files.  And because our system operates at the block level, it is far more efficient than file structure formatted backups. A snapshot of the entire partition is taken at the block level so there is no file or folder exclusions, it's an exact reflection of your server(s). Which means database applications like Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Exchange Server are transferred in blocks eliminating backup failures like when a file is open. With our device’s virtualization capabilities, it can also function as a replacement server if needed.

This unique device replaces management intensive, error-prone backups while providing much more…starting with peace of mind.

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Key Components of Our BDR

Remote Storage and Base Remote Backup Image Creation - Online backups are stored (in encrypted form) at two secure online data backup centers located hundreds of miles apart from each other. The BASE IMAGE is sent via a hard drive to the primary remote storage facility. Incremental backups occur and are collapsed into the base image after the transfer is complete.

Recovery Options - Recovering files and folders is a simple process where the entire image is mounted as a volume on the NAS device. Files can then be copied to the destination server over the network. We can also restore files, folders, Exchange mailboxes or messages and SQL tables and databases.

Virtualization (Physical to Virtual) Standby Server Functionality - The NAS device can “virtualize” failed servers while keeping the system in the same state as it was before the problem arose. No configurations are necessary. In addition, once virtualized, the NAS will resume the backup schedule that was in effect before the failure.

Bare Metal Restore (Virtual to Physical) - When it comes time to restore the virtualized server back to physical hardware, our bare metal restore process allows restorations to dissimilar hardware.

Backup & Disaster Recovery

Protect Valuable Informational Assets & Keep 
Downtime to a Minimum

This comprehensive backup and disaster recovery solution for small-to-midsize businesses provides:
  • very frequent backups (as frequent as every hour) with an onsite NAS Device
  • online data storage at highly rated data centers
  • the ability to restore downed servers in less than an hour!
  • advanced restore options (file and folder levels) with Exchange message and mailbox recovery
  • bare-metal restores to dissimilar hardware
  • a highly cost effective integrated, reliable, and secure solution (as compared to backup only, server imaging, and online backups individually)

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