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FPA is a unique place to work!

We are built on a "culture of constant improvement" where constant improvement is not only the norm but a requirement. To assist our staff with integrating into our culture and learning the skills necessary to be successful in the consulting environment, we have created our own structured, ongoing training program - FPA University (FPAU). FPAU includes basic on boarding topics as well as detailed technical and consulting classes. It really is the starting point for all our staff to learn our standards, processes, and techniques.

FPA University

During the first three months of employment, you can expect in-depth training that will ensure you hit the ground running. We begin with a formal New Hire Orientation where we address everything from the basics like company history, organizational structure, communication style, etc.

Our Working in the FPA Environment course defines what it truly means to work in a "culture of constant improvement". Here we dive into more detail on what our consulting environment is truly about and what it takes to be successful at FPA. This sets up realistic expectations of your career here as well as provides you with the tools necessary for success within our environment through self development, accountability and commitment.

FPA University Courses

The FPA Story course is designed to introduce staff to the history of FPA and the key elements that have led to our success. This class covers the broad framework beneath which the detailed structure of the business has been developed. It is important that FPA consultants understand how their work may affect not only our clients but other FPA team members.

We have courses that cover all aspects of our company including our six functional areas, what each department is responsible for, our internal systems and how to use them, and how we do what we do. More importantly, we have many classes that cover the "why" - that is - why we do what we do. It's essential for our continued success that everyone in the organization is on the same page. So, it's critical that everyone gets the "why".

Continuing Education

Your continued professional and personal growth is critical. It is for this reason that we have our Continuing Education Program (CEP). Every FPA staff member is allocated an annual training budget that under the individual goals and objectives set forth in their Performance Plan can take outside training classes to improve their Technical , Managerial, Communication, and Professional skills.

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