Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

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FPA’s cloud infrastructure solutions leverage industry standard platforms for cloud and managed services. The flexibility and scalability of our Infrastructure as a Service solutions enable our clients who leverage them to quickly adapt to business growth vs. legacy on-premise solutions.

FPA offers custom cloud solutions that deliver the flexibility, reliability, and certified support that fit the distinct needs of your business as well as your goals and objectives. This is what separates us from other cloud providers. Our high-performance virtual server infrastructure solutions are scalable for any business—from SMBs to full Enterprise systems. Our expert team of VMware certified engineers manage the infrastructure, which is built on

Industry leading platforms such as VMware, NetAPP, and Tintri.

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)
Cisco Power

All cloud services are not created equal.

When you choose cloud services to complement your business, you need to know that the technology powering them delivers the performance and scalability you require. FPA’s Infrastructure as a Service is Cisco Powered—the industry benchmark from the leader in networking technology. Because our infrastructure is built on validated Cisco architecture, we have the capabilities and agility to blend cloud and managed services with on-premise based solutions.

(Ideal for small and medium-sized businesses)

This solution is a multi-tenant architecture with shared storage, CPU, memory, and network bandwidth and connectivity. With native hosting, this secure public platform offers a powerful blend of dependability, scalability, and ease-of- use in a VMware-based computing environment—ideal for deploying classic and cloud-based applications or for hosting business websites and work-flows. If desired, our team of VMware certified engineers can oversee the installation, monitoring, and maintenance on your behalf.

(Ideal for Enterprises)

This single-tenant solution is comprised of dedicated storage, CPU, and memory, along with private network bandwidth and connectivity. Full control of this environment enables resources to be reallocated on demand while maintaining high levels of speed, performance, and availability. The architecture is powered by VMware vSphere, which fully supports thin provisioning. Native and high-availability hosting is available with private or public SATA-like, SAS-like, or SSD-like storage options, and includes Microsoft OS and VMware licensing

(The convenience and affordability of a public cloud with the security of a private cloud)

FPA’S hybrid cloud solutions enable you to mix and match shared and dedicated virtual server resources to keep each aspect of your customer’s business in the most efficient environment possible. Powered by VMware, applications and workloads can be moved between clouds, which accelerates deployment times without having to fully reconfigure network settings

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