How LA Accounting Firms Can Host QuickBooks in the Cloud for Clients

Author: Craig Pollack Date: Jan 15, 2015 Topics: _CPA and Accountant Blogs, Cloud

How-LA-Accouting-Firms-Can-Host-QuickBooks-in-the-Cloud-for-ClientsBusinesses which maintain QuickBooks on an office server and send files to their accountants are finding this process cumbersome and inefficient.

In many cases, companies are not prepared to move to QuickBooks Online by themselves and need an experienced professional who can help them move to QuickBooks cloud.

Here are four reasons why your accounting firm should consider becoming a QuickBooks Online ProAdvisor, and benefits which both you and your clients can realize from doing so.  

Eliminate the Need for Onsite Backups

In many cases, the time required to do an onsite backup of QuickBooks files can cause productivity delays. Onsite backups can be unreliable, and corrupted backup files can cause business interruption and damage to your practice’s reputation. By migrating your portfolio of clients to QuickBooks Online, all backups are taken care of by Intuit, without disruption of your work day, or risk to your reputation.

Promote Your Accounting Practice as a Recognized Authority

Joining the QuickBooks Online ProAdvisor program gets you listed on the QuickBooks Find-A-ProAdvisor website, which is visited by hundreds of thousands of small businesses a year. For example, if someone is seeking a Los Angeles QuickBooks Online ProAdvisor, prospects just search on their zip code, and they can find your firm. Further, demonstrating you are savvy with cloud and desktop versions of QuickBooks can demonstrate your firm is ahead of the technology curve, which can win the confidence of clients.

QuickBooks Self-Hosting Can Create a New Line of Business for Your Firm

There may be cases where your accounting firm’s clients aren’t ready to make the move to QuickBooks Online, but can benefit from many of the strengths of the Cloud or Software as a Service models. If you partner with a certified Intuit Commercial Hosting provider or join the QuickBooks Self-Hosting Program, you can help serve clients who have bought QuickBooks Desktop licenses, but aren’t prepared to make the move to QuickBooks Online. Providing the flexibility for clients of QuickBooks Online, Desktop, or a “Hybrid” of sort can win you the confidence of those who are evaluating accountants.

Centralize Your Client Data Management

Having a single, online system to manage multiple client data for business can simplify your accounting practice management. QuickBooks Online Accountant can manage vital functions of your client’s business data, such as:

  • Payroll
  • Tax related information
  • Migrating clients from QuickBooks to QuickBooks Online
  • Avoid unnecessary software upgrades (QuickBooks is updated to comply with the latest tax laws)
  • Get access to client data from mobile devices such as tablets and laptops.

QuickBooks cloud delivery provides your clients great benefits in terms of security, automated backups, and staying up to date with the latest versions and compliance requirements.

Being a QuickBooks Online ProAdvisor provides your business with lucrative opportunities to promote your business, improve your reputation and authority, and increase the accessibility to your client data.

Using QuickBooks Online for Accountants gives you a centralized way to manage your clients, and build your Los Angeles accounting practice, where ever in the world you may be.


Have you tried QuickBooks Online for Accountants? What have your experiences been? Please share your thoughts in the section for Comments below.


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Craig Pollack

Craig Pollack

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