Business Before Technology

Our "Business Before Technology" podcast is rooted in our approach to working with our clients as valuable and trusted advisors. We interview successful business owners, subject matter experts, and other impactful business leaders in the Greater Los Angeles area with the goal of helping other small business owners and key decision makers to grow or simply improve how they run their businesses - ultimately looking to increase their profitability.

Each episode is chock full of "aha" moments meant to bring you value above and beyond "just" talking about technology.  We discuss everyday issues that we as business owners run into and don't know where to turn.  Whether it's staffing, marketing, sales, culture, outsourcing, accounting and finance, or technology or any of the myriad of topics an entrepreneur runs into, we're looking to uncover those valuable nuggets that will help you propel your business further and faster.

Episode 2 - Jason Kole of Kole Imports & Closeouts

Release Date: October 1, 2019

We sit down with Jason Kole, the V.P. of Operations for Kole Imports & Closeouts, one of the more successful importers and resellers of wholesale merchandise in the industry, diving into how he and the leadership team run the company, how they set goals and achieve them, and how they went from 4 in-house IT staff to 1 - all while significantly increasing their efficiency and profitability. 

Episode 1 - TJ Jones of Gamble Jones Investment Counsel

Release Date: August 31, 2019

In our inaugural episode, we tap into the mind of TJ Jones, the V.P. of Operations of Gamble Jones Investment Counsel, one of the oldest and most reputable Registered Investment Advisors in Pasadena - and one of FPA's oldest clients.

We spend some time with TJ diving in to how he and his leadership team run the company, what some of their key initiatives have been, what they've been doing to achieve these initiatives, and what some of the technology looks like that they use to run their firm. 

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