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Almost every business has felt the pain of poorly run IT. And, unfortunately, for a number of reasons too many business owners accept lower performance from their IT provider than they should. While we're all about the solutions we provide, what really matters to us are solving the problems that matter to our clients.

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Remove Worry

“We focus on your IT, so you can focus on your business!” Be able to sleep again at night without worrying about your IT.

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Reduce Costs

With our ability to “dial in” our clients’ networks, we bring the ongoing costs of IT support down over the long haul.

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Secure Systems

We look at our clients’ networks holistically. This means Cyber Security isn’t an afterthought, but rather a key component. We address our clients’ security needs including assessments, training, forensic discovery, social engineering, encryption, and much more!

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Improve Stability

We believe in a highly proactive approach to running our clients’ IT.  Because of our systems, processes, methodologies and toolsets, we're able to provide an enterprise level IT service delivering improved stability at a fraction of the cost.

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Improve Responsiveness

Our Service Delivery team is focused and ready to respond when our clients need us. We’re organized structurally with a dedicated remote Help Desk team, a dedicated onsite team, and a dedicated set of vCIOs all working with a sense of urgency that a single, in-house IT person just can’t match.

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Improve Performance

Because we’re more proactive, your systems perform better.  Our tools give us the ability to see trends and improve performance before you or your users feel anything. Degradation is a thing of the past.

Reduce Scope Creep

Our project team, project management, and project toolkits are all second to none. We take the time to accurately scope projects so that we can deliver them with fixed fee budgets so that you don’t have to worry about overages. Another way we remove the worry from IT for you.

Increase Happiness

We believe in Client Happiness.  So much so, we benchmark and request feedback after every remote ticket, onsite visit, and project. We utilize the Net Promoter Score to make sure we stay on top of our client relationships. We like to say we’re a technology company in the relationship business.

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Find out how we can help solve your problems. Schedule some time today to talk with our Founder & CEO, Craig Pollack, a technology advocate who has spent 25+ years building FPA Technology Services into one of the most respected IT Support Companies in Los Angeles by helping businesses like yours leverage technology to achieve their business objectives. 

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