iPhone Mobile Security Tips for LA CPAs

Author: Craig Pollack Date: Apr 09, 2015 Topics: _CPA and Accountant Blogs, Cybersecurity

iPhone Mobile Security Tips for LA CPAsUp until about a year ago, iPhone users walked around with their Apple devices, fiercely proud of how their devices never seemed to get hacked.

Then out of the blue, a number of celebrities had their iCloud accounts breached. Millions of iPhone users were nervous that their devices would also be compromised.

Could this happen to you and your employees? Is iPhone mobile security strong enough for CPAs who want to access their client data on their device?

Here are three tips for Los Angeles CPAs who can’t part with their iPhones.

1. Tools for Encryption and Privacy

Though iCloud may have lost some supporters, there are a number of other apps on iTunes to offer you secure, private storage for your files. iDiscrete is an iPhone app where you can store photos, Word documents, PDF files, Excel spreadsheets, and other files which are common for client information and scanned documents.

If you need to store files on your phone for remote access, be sure to use an app which is purpose-built for security and privacy. Accessing client data on an iPhone app is more secure than on a mobile site, so using your accounting software vendor’s application is your safest choice.

2. Strategies for Anti-Theft, Antivirus, and Anti-Malware

You are most likely careful with your device, but in the off chance that it is stolen, you should have some safeguards in place. Install an app to render your phone useless, erase any client data from being compromised, or possibly even capture a “Thieftie that you can use to try and recover your device. There are also apps you can download to locate your device.

3. Multifactor Authentication and Wi-Fi Security Apps

Passwords are a great idea to protect the data on your phone, but having multiple layers of security is even more important. You may not get your iPhone back, but you could protect your client’s data and your accounting firm’s reputation if a thief is unable to break through the layers of encryption.

If you are frequently visiting clients in coffee shops or working through lunch and using public Wi-Fi hotspots, have a strong virtual private network (VPN) application in place to protect your client data. There are many paid and free VPN apps available.


For CPAs in Los Angeles, iPhone mobile security has become an issue that needs to be addressed within the firm and with its employees. These tips are a great place to start.


Have you experienced an iPhone mobile security mishaps? Tell us about it in the Comments section below.


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Craig Pollack

Craig Pollack

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