FPA Selected to Participate as a Case Study for CSUN's Business School

February 05, 2014

ENCINO, CA – February 5, 2014 - FPA Technology Services, Inc. (FPA), the preeminent IT Service Provider in the greater Los Angeles area, announces today that it has been selected to participate in a program to help CSUN business students gain real-world experience.  Supported by the California Small Business Development Center, this program helps senior college business students by giving them access to real business environments while also providing opportunities to be mentored by proven successful business leaders.

“FPA Technology Services cares about our community and this certainly includes our future business entrepreneurs who will help shape the world we live in,” states FPA Founder & CEO Craig Pollack.  “It’s exciting to help them get a taste of how business actually functions in the real world.  I hope it will inspire them to achieve great things after they graduate.”

The program will allow the business students to interact with the FPA staff, learn about the FPA environment, and at the end of the program present FPA with a written business plan with their recommendations.  “The most exciting part is giving students the opportunity to apply everything they have learned from their many years of studying into a real life business scenario.  I think every business student gets excited when they can move beyond course materials and into real world applications,” remarked Mr. Pollack. “We look forward to developing some meaningful relationships with both the students as well as CSUN through this exercise.”

About FPA Technology Services, Inc.

FPA Technology Services, Inc. has provided outsourced IT services to growing businesses in the Los Angeles area since 1991. With its "business first" approach, FPA prides itself on being a trusted technology advisor helping clients leverage technology to achieve their business objectives. As a single source for all the technology services an organization may need, FPA offers three core areas of service: Design, Implementation, Management and Support of On-Premise/Cloud/Hybrid/Virtual IT Infrastructure and End-Users; IT Strategy & Guidance and Management of Business Information Systems and VOIP Services; and Application & Web Design and Development. By providing a "one-stop-shop" of IT services to organizations and with a "Business Before Technology" approach, FPA is able to effectively handle all of a company's IT needs, allowing client management to focus on achieving their business objectives.

For more information, please contact FPA at (818) 501-3390, by email at info@fpainc.com , or visit the FPA website at www.fpainc.com or follow FPA on Twitter at http://www.twitter.com/fpainc .