Top Hybrid Cloud Solutions for Los Angeles Investment Advisors

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Top-Hybrid-Cloud-Solutions-for-Los-Angeles-Investment-AdvisorsHybrid cloud is a cloud environment that uses a combination of private and public cloud services. It’s especially valuable for highly changeable workloads: a Los Angeles investment advisor whose business activity picks up at certain times of the year is an ideal hybrid cloud solutions candidate.

The stock trading application could run in a private cloud, but access extra resources from a public cloud when demands spike. By enabling data and work processes to move between the public and private clouds as needs dictate, hybrid cloud solutions gives Los Angeles investment advisors more flexibility and data transmission options.


A highly rated managed cloud company, Rackspace presents customers with hybrid cloud solutions to meet their specific needs. Dedicated database servers provide fast performance and reliability while private cloud services guarantee leading-edge security and control. Those who require scalability for heavy or unexpected traffic have the option of public cloud delivery.

Features include:

  • Firewall for both dedicated and cloud servers
  • Scalability on demand for cloud servers
  • High-capacity network for fast connects between cloud servers, cloud files, and RackConnect
  • Managed cloud services available


Equinix offers one of the widest choices in cloud service providers, many of which have direct connections to the cloud infrastructure via Equinix Cross Connects, Equinix Cloud Exchange™, and Ethernet services. It is also the only data center provider with direct connections to both Microsoft Azure and AWS.

Features include:

  • Reliable connectivity for transmitting high-bandwidth and latency-sensitive data
  • Private connections that reduce the risk of data being interfered with or monitored
  • Over 1100 networks that connect to Equinix’s International Business Exchange™ (IBX®) facilities.
  • Over 100 data centers on five continents

IBM Bluemix

Bluemix has three integrated deployment models spanning from IBM data centers to client-owned counterparts. Services include the ability to leverage existing IT and new SaaS tools, making it possible to use existing resources to power future transmissions.

Features include:

  • Secure connection to over 25 IBM Cloud data centers worldwide
  • Use VPN or Direct Link technology to connect the Bluemix environment with client enterprises
  • Services can be managed through a private API catalog, so investment advisors with their own developers can benefit from self-service access
  • Easily move services and apps between public, private, and local resources
  • Client’s local environment is kept identical to the public and private cloud platforms

Bottom Line

A recent study co-authored by Rackspace and independent market research company Vanson Bourne found that 60% of respondents have either moved to a hybrid cloud platform or are thinking about doing so. This is due to the limitations inherent in solely using a dedicated or public cloud environment.

Los Angeles investment advisors are broadening their horizons by choosing a cloud service that supports scalability on demand.


Do you use a hybrid cloud solution for your investment advisor firm? Let us know your thoughts in the Comments box below.


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Craig Pollack

Craig Pollack

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