5 Resources Los Angeles Investment Advisors Must Bookmark

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5 Resources Los Angeles Investment Advisors Must BookmarkLos Angeles investment advisors are armed with some of the strongest financial tools and technologies. There are web resources available that can help them keep abreast of industry news, find new clients and do their jobs more efficiently.

Below is a list of five websites and web-based services, all of which continue to evolve to meet the changing needs of the financial services industry.

FT Alphaville

This free daily news and commentary blog from the Financial Times team is one of the most popular resources for financial services professionals. It has four essential components that deliver maximum value to followers:

  • Breaking news and commentary posted throughout the trading day.
  • Morning briefing notes structured mainly for readers on the go in the United States, Europe, and Asia. Submitted to subscribers through email at 6:00 am in each time zone, it delivers a concise digest of important financial news and analyses.
  • Markets Live, a market commentary delivered in real-time by Financial Times Market Reporter Bryce Elder and Paul Murphy, FT Alphaville Editor. Broadcast begins daily at 11:00 am in the United Kingdom. New York correspondents run a commentary on the United States market every Wednesday at 10:00 am.
  • The Long Room is an exclusive forum for analysis and comment. Financial professionals share their work and express opinions on the work of their peers.

Financial Advisor Magazine

Industry-acclaimed for its ability to simplify and define planning strategies and best practices, Financial Advisor magazine is an essential part of any Los Angeles investment advisors toolkit. The publication focuses on goals such as:

  • Helping advisors better serve their high-net-worth clients
  • Suggesting practice management strategies to help professionals build their firms
  • Introducing investment advisors to new ideas that help them better guide their clients

To accomplish these goals, Financial Advisor uses a stellar team of experienced editors and writers to create and publish copy aimed at major decision-makers in the financial advisory industry.

Financial Planning Association YouTube Channel

The Financial Planning Association arguably offers the most detailed YouTube channel for registered investment advisors and anyone else who works or has an interest in the financial services industry. Topics covered range from basic (“How to Create a Budget”, “Choosing a Financial Planner”, “How to Financially Survive a Job Loss”) to professional (“Disclosure and Consent Laws”, case studies, FPA member testimony before Senate committees).


Popular with young professionals entering the financial services industry, DealBreaker is dedicated to understanding the trends and personalities that make it thrive. In addition to news and meaningful commentaries, the site has some humorous content that gives it entertainment value.


Originally started as a blog in 2008, FPPad soon became a popular source of news, insights, and commentary on financial planning technologies. Today, it is a widely-accessed consulting and media resource for Los Angeles investment advisors and other financial professionals everywhere.

The FPPad network includes an iTunes podcast and YouTube channel, both of which deliver the site’s unique brand of viewpoints and commentary worldwide.

Bottom Line

When it comes to staying on top of financial industry news and trends, Los Angeles investment advisors have many options. By concentrating on the websites that deliver the most value, they can maintain a high degree of professional development.


What online resources do you use and recommend for investment advisors? Let us know your thoughts in the Comments box below.


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Craig Pollack

Craig Pollack

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