Why Los Angeles Distributors Must Take IT Security Seriously

Henry Ngo | Sep 07, 2015

Why Los Angeles Distributors Must Take IT Security SeriouslySecurity breaches, hacks, and spam have gotten steadily worse. As technology and IT security improves, the breaches become more sophisticated. No security system is foolproof, nor is it future proof.

However, COOs at Los Angeles distributors must understand that security is a top priority and that it must be adapted and updated as technology changes.

Why is IT security a serious issue for COOs?

Security Breaches Cripple Companies

Hackers look for data or money to steal, or to find a way to disrupt your business.  Once your data is breached, the adverse effect that results goes beyond the loss of data.

Your suppliers and customers may lose confidence in your company. They may also suffer damage as the confidential data that is compromised likely affects them as well.

Los Angeles distributors that set aside a small percentage of a sale to cover fraud and data breaches and write it off as “just the cost of doing business” would do well to look at the high cost of recent breaches.

Analysts predict that Target, who suffered a massive breach in 2013, will most likely spend one billion dollars in damages and recovery before it is all said and done. IBM sponsored a 2015 report that estimated the average cost of a data breach was $3.8 million, up 23% since 2013.

Can your company afford the loss of reputation and high price tag a security breach will cause?

Competitive Advantage

A recent survey by HyTrust found that nearly 75% of those polled did not believe that information shared with companies is safe. A sizeable market of customers do not feel their needs are being met.

If COOs at Los Angeles distributors can demonstrate that security is important to the company, advertising that fact can gain you customer trust and give you an edge over your competition. If you do not have the staff or expertise to implement the latest security technology, hiring an IT service vendor to provide that security is a wise move.

Bottom Line

Security breaches cost companies a tremendous amount of resources, bad publicity, and disgruntled and lost customers. Los Angeles distributors cannot afford to take IT security lightly. 

The dangers are very real and cannot be ignored. Educating your employees and hiring an IT services company that understands security are just two of the measures COOs can take immediately. 


Do you agree that IT security is a primary concern for COOs of Los Angeles distributors? Let us know your thoughts in the Comments box below.


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