Why Cloud Computing is Not a Top Priority for Los Angeles CPAs

Craig Pollack | Oct 06, 2015

Why Cloud Computing is Not a Top Priority for Los Angeles CPAsCloud computing seems to be at the forefront of many small business technology discussions today. There is a large amount of information debating the advantages and disadvantages of the cloud.

However, for Los Angeles accountants and CPAs, implementing cloud services may not be the top priority at the moment.

The Future of the Accounting Industry

While the future of small business technology might rely on cloud computing, getting businesses to adopt the technology may take some time. One of the problems CPA firms face is making sure that the firm is in a place where its current systems and processes can support a smooth transition.

Many accounting firms are still using in-house applications and services to run their business. Over the next several years, however, it is anticipated that more CPA firms will transition into relying on a heavier balance of cloud services.

Smaller Issues for Accounting Firms

Small technology budgets are another issue for firms to contend with. While switching to cloud based services results in lower costs in the long run, the cost to switch and upend current processes may be hampering some Los Angeles CPA firms.

In addition, firms with in-house IT teams will have to face a decision of whether to outsource their cloud computing needs or realign the priorities of their in-house IT team to support the implementation of cloud based services.

Bottom Line

Cloud computing is almost certain to take over the accounting industry in the next several years. While there are currently some challenges, many CPA firms have already taken the step in the direction of the cloud.

The full transition for the industry as a whole, however, seems to be occurring slower than anticipated. As more firms address the issues discussed here, they will lay the groundwork for their business to transition to cloud computing.


Where does cloud computing rank as a priority for your CPA firm? Let us know your thoughts in the Comments box below.


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Craig Pollack

Craig Pollack

Craig is the Founder & CEO of FPA Technology Services, Inc. Craig provides the strategy and direction for FPA, ensuring its clients, business owners, and key decision makers leverage technology as efficiently and effectively as possible. With over 25 years of experience building the preeminent IT Service Provider in the Southern California area, Craig is one of the area’s leading authorities on how small to mid-sized businesses can best secure and leverage their technology to achieve their business objectives.