Which Los Angeles CPAs are Highest Rated on Glassdoor?

Craig Pollack | Sep 15, 2015

Which Los Angeles CPAs are Highest Rated on Glassdoor?Glassdoor is a popular website that allows people to get an inside look at a wide variety of companies. The team at Glassdoor is always conducting research and scoping out the best firms in the United States.

There are several Los Angeles CPAs with a profile featured on Glassdoor. Being listed on Glassdoor can be an excellent way to gain more exposure and be more transparent with employees.

Here we’ll look at the highest rated Los Angeles CPAs on Glassdoor currently.

Nabil Barsoum, CPA

Nabil Barsoum is a small CPA firm located in Century City. Despite its small size, this CPA firm, it has been around since 1988. Those who have worked for the company note that there is a laid-back attitude among staff members, except at tax time. One reviewer mentioned that due to the firm’s small size, employees are assigned multiple, diverse tasks.

Jess S. Morgan & Company

This company is not limited to just CPA services. Jess S. Morgan & Company is business and investment management consulting company that was founded in 1967.

In addition to business management and investment advisory services, the firm provides financial planning and accounting services, tax planning, compliance, and advisory services.

A review on Glassdoor suggests a friendly environment with good work/life balance.

Gursey | Schneider

Gursey | Schneider, LLP are premier Los Angeles CPAs. Over 140 employees are employed at Gursey | Schneider, which is headquartered in Century City. The partners at the firm have published several articles in professional journals.

The company is known for pioneering family law and forensic accounting. The firm offers litigation support, tax services, business management, audit services, general accounting, business valuation, and information technology services.


ABC CPAs, which was founded in 1993, has grown to become one of the most high-profile Los Angeles CPA firms in the Korean-American community. Employees have substantial knowledge of auditing procedures, with many employees previously working at government agencies such as the Internal Revenue Service and other tax authorities.


Los Angeles CPAs not listed on Glassdoor can encourage employees to leave honest reviews on the website. This can also help to foster greater transparency and communication between staff and upper management. Greater exposure can never hurt, and firms would do well to look into getting listed on Glassdoor.


Is your Los Angeles CPA firm utilizing sites like Glassdoor to gain more exposure? Let us know your thoughts in the Comments box below.


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Craig Pollack

Craig Pollack

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