Top LinkedIn Groups for LA Distributors

Henry Ngo | Nov 06, 2015

Top LinkedIn Groups for LA DistributorsIf you are looking for like-minded professionals with whom to discuss issues and share answers, LinkedIn could be the answer.

As the premier business-oriented social network, it offers a wide range of interest groups. For ultra-specific topics, LA distributors will want to jump in and search for related groups on LinkedIn.

However, for broader business topics that pertain to distribution companies, you may find the following groups to be helpful.

  • Business Development – Also billed as “The Missing Link between Marketing & Sales”, this group typically discusses ways to improve marketing, communication, PR, and sales. If you are wondering about next-stage growth in your distribution company, start reading the message threads here to put the pieces of the puzzle together.
  • Executive Suite – This group combines personal and professional development and enterprise improvement. It functions through the connections between peers, and it leverages diversity. Therefore, after a discussion, you may find that a manufacturer’s solution to its logistical challenges also happens to be just what your wholesaling operations need as well.
  • Digital Marketing – Is there any distributor left that has not been affected by the move to online sales, marketing, and support? This group offers discussions on an extensive range of digital marketing tools, as well as relevant industry white papers. If you’ve been trying to measure the effectiveness of your website, this group may have answers.
  • Social Media Marketing – 48 professionals moderate this group, but with a membership of over 1 million, it takes a team to maintain order. Discuss your social media activities, swap best practices, and use the insights to boost results for your wholesale
  • Cloud Computing – As many distributors are finding, the cloud opens doors to many opportunities. Check out what colleagues from the distribution and neighboring sectors are doing to make their operations run better and more cost effectively.
  • TED: Ideas Worth Spreading – This group is less likely to deal specifically with the distribution sector, and that is just the point. Groups like this one discuss innovative, aha-type ideas that can become game-changers for LA distributors, as for any other company.
  • Linked: HR – Also with around 1 million members, this group delves into a domain that often causes knotty problems for companies. Talent management, employment law, safety, staffing, technology, and ethics are a few of the aspects discussed.
  • Managing a Multi-Generational Workforce – With around 9,000 members, this group exemplifies the kind of special interest that leads a few (relatively speaking) professionals to get together online to figure out better solutions. Distribution is a sector where this issue will rapidly increase in size. The average age of workers in warehousing and logistics is higher than that of other industries while Millennials are now turning up to interview for jobs.
  • [Put Your LinkedIn Group Name Here!] – Yes, you can also create your own group in LinkedIn, expressly to bring together people like you whose business interests relate to yours.


Which other LinkedIn groups have you seen that might be helpful to LA distributors? Share a link or two with us in the space for Comments below.


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