The 5 Top Tax Research Systems for LA CPAs

Craig Pollack | Oct 17, 2016

The 5 Top Tax Research Systems for LA CPAs

Regardless of the number of years you’ve spent working in Los Angeles as a CPA, there’s a good chance that you still come across terms or clauses that you’re unfamiliar with. Not only is the tax system complicated, but on top of that it’s always changing too. When you’re in such a position of trust, it’s likely that your clients will look to you for information and clarification.

So, how do you ensure that your knowledge is current and that you always have the answers your clients are relying upon you for? The more clients you have, the greater the number of regulations and loopholes you’ll be expected to understand. If you haven’t already done so, now is the time to make sure you have the most appropriate tax system that will best support your research and ensure you’re being as efficient and productive as possible.

Here are five of the best resources you’re likely to come across:

1. CCH IntelliConnect Tax Research

Developed by Wolters Kluwer, a company with more than “100 years of [experience] in providing world-class tax research solutions”, CCH IntelliConnect is a web-based resource that can be used independently or alongside a range of other tax systems. It provides detailed information regarding federal, state and international tax law, as well as specific details for businesses and estate planning, and can be used via a mobile app and across a range of devices.

2. Checkpoint

If you need tax information fast, there are few resources as accessible as Thomson Reuters Checkpoint, which is recognized as a leading industry tool for anybody with tax and accounting questions. The system prides itself on featuring fresh content and smart enhancements, which enable keen researchers to focus on what they’re doing, rather than attempting to navigate a complicated piece of kit.

3. BNA Tax and Accounting Center and Financial Resource Center

Able to work alongside the aforementioned CCH IntelliConnect system, launched by Wolters Kluwer, or independently, Bloomberg’s BNA Tax Center is ideal for SME and larger firms wanting a full range of tax and accounting research, as well as expert analysis. This resource isn’t merely for research, but also to offer guidance. Accessing a wealth of federal and state library resources, the BNA Tax Center is available online and via mobile app.

4. ProLine Tax Research

Released by Intuit, ProLine Tax Research is a web-based service designed to provide quick and easy answers to any tax and accounting questions you may have. Featuring up-to-date information, presented in an easy to use manner, this tax research system will work alongside any existing Intuit products you may have, providing a complete solution to your daily operations as an LA CPA. The system has federal, state and international taxation covered, and uses simple keywords to conduct full searches of the Internet.

5. Research library

An online resource rather than a system, the research library provided on the Tax Analysts website is one of the best of its kind. Comprehensive and easy to search, the website boasts current information on a number of issues, including federal, state and international compliance, as well as news stories, blog posts by experts, and worldwide tax summaries.

Do you have experience with any of these tax systems? What research centers do you use? Please share your thoughts with us in the Comment field below.

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Craig Pollack

Craig Pollack

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