Why Online Backup Services are Priceless for LA Distribution Companies

Author: Craig Pollack Date: Jan 27, 2015 Topics: _Distribution and Manufacturing Blogs

Why-Online-Backup-Services-are-Priceless-for-LA-Distribution-CompaniesWhat price would you put on your ability to operate without interruption as a Los Angeles distribution company? And how much of that ability depends on your IT and the information it helps you manage?

Wholesale firms rely on the speed, accuracy, and security of access to their digital company data to respond rapidly to partners while guaranteeing quality and confidentiality as well.

This alone makes data backup a key component of any company’s approach to managing their technology. What makes online backup services even more attractive is the additional advantages they provide.

To the Infinite Cloud and Beyond!

Cloud services for data backups offer practically limitless scalability. The total storage capacity is huge and it keeps on growing. With the scalability comes flexibility and security too. Using the online storage facilities of a suitable cloud services provider allows you to store the exact quantity of data required, only paying for the capacity you use. The secure data centers protect against natural disasters, hacker attacks and even internal cloud malfunctions, should there be any.

Online Backup Services as a Portal to More

In the event of an IT or data disaster on premise, online backup data can be restored back to your local enterprise IT facility. However, you can also use the data within the cloud itself, using cloud infrastructure services.

These provide you with pay-as-you-go use of IT servers and operating systems that mirror what you have in-house. If you suffer a local catastrophe such as flooding, a totally cloud-based virtual IT operation may be the difference between an enterprise that sinks forever or that bobs back up to the surface quickly.

Figuring Out the Split between Online and Offline

There is no obligation for an all-or-nothing approach either. You can decide which data you want to copy to an online backup services facility, and which will stay within your distribution company premises in LA.

Factors determining your choice can include available resources you have on site, any requirement that prevents data from being stored elsewhere rather than in your own systems, and (last but not least) budget. Data transmission time between your systems and the online storage resources (your Internet link speed) may also be a consideration.

Cost-Efficiency, Added Value, or Both?

Online data storage providers currently vie with each other to offer the best service at comparable costs. Some major providers offer low subscription rates for large volumes of data stored. Others add value by making additional functionality available such as versioning.

This is the possibility to store several generations of backups and access previous versions, not just the last one (which is handy if your last data backup was the source of data corruption or other problems). And some offer a combination of both price and functionality advantages.

Getting It Right

Many online backup services providers have a lot to offer in terms of robust, high-performance data storage in the cloud. Nonetheless, using online data backup to its best advantage within your overall systems architecture needs a minimum of thought and planning.

This can be with your own in-house IT team, an external IT partner, or both together to map out the best service options and levels and the benefits you can expect to obtain.


Does it still make sense for an LA distribution company to keep their backup data offline? Share your point of view in the Comments box below.


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Craig Pollack

Craig Pollack

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