Los Angeles Investment Advisors: Join These LinkedIn Groups

Author: Craig Pollack Date: Nov 05, 2015 Topics: _Investment Advisor Blogs

Los Angeles Investment Advisors: Join These LinkedIn GroupsThe original purpose of LinkedIn was to provide recruiters with a powerful head hunting resource. Now it is the world’s largest professional network and has incidentally developed into an innovative marketing platform.

Los Angeles investment advisors are showing themselves to be quick to appreciate its potential.

An estimated 70% of advisors have a LinkedIn profile that they regard as an essential business tool. In addition to using it to strengthen current client relationships, they join one or more of the LinkedIn groups aimed at investment advisors. These groups are an excellent way to network with fellow professionals and keep up to date on important issues affecting the financial services industry.

Below is a list of recommended LinkedIn groups for Los Angeles investment advisors.

  • Financial Advisor Magazine: Financial Advisor Magazine’s LinkedIn group shares valuable market information and business growth strategies with members. There is a particular emphasis on next-generation planning and investment strategies and practice management ideas that enable investment advisors to grow their firms further.
  • Certified Financial Planner® Certificants of North America: This group makes it easier to stay connected with colleagues and peers across North America. Members who pose challenging case questions receive rapid and useful responses.
  • RIA Marketplace™: RIA Marketplace™ advertises itself as the largest online community of both RIAs and professionals who support them. Members include independent advisors, asset managers, consultants, lawyers, industry publications, and more. It is a combination that generates insightful discussions and information sharing.
  • Financial Advisor Network (FAN): This is a group for registered investment advisors to share ideas and resources connected to the profession. Other members include advisors with independent broker/dealers and advisors with wirehouses.
  • Evidence-Based Advisors: This is a special interest group aimed at investment professionals who take an evidence-based approach to their work. Members are a select group of advisors who enjoy sharing ideas that support their preferred working method.
  • Global Tactical Asset Allocation (GTAA): This group’s members favor strategies that take advantage of short-term opportunities across different asset classes (equity, fixed income, currency, commodity).
  • Sensible Investing: This group supplies a forum for professionals to discuss low-cost, evidence-based investing practices and opportunities. 

LinkedIn’s search feature will scan groups as well as member profiles, and present a list to choose from. Each group listing is accompanied by a brief description intended to let prospective members know its purpose and scope, making it simple to find like-minded groups to join.

Bottom Line

Los Angeles investment advisors who have joined LinkedIn to generate business and want to make the most of their profile should join one or more of these groups or find one that matches their interests and needs. LinkedIn groups represent educational, social, and networking opportunities rarely found on any other social media platform.


What LinkedIn groups do you recommend for Los Angeles investment advisors? What makes them especially useful? Let us know your thoughts in the Comments box below.


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Craig Pollack

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