Los Angeles Distributors: Best Blogs to Follow

Henry Ngo | Nov 10, 2015

Los Angeles Distributors: Best Blogs to FollowWhat is bite-sized, relevant, thought provoking and potentially good for business? Why, it’s a good blog site!

The following resources can help Los Angeles distributors stay up to date with trending information and spark ideas for improving business.

They cover wholesaling and distribution, supply chain, business and management, marketing, and IT – a balanced diet for overall distribution operations.

  • Channel Champion – Covers different aspects of the indirect sales channel, including market trends, business efficiency, vendor tactics, and channel partner strategies. Currently updated once or twice a month, it will not overload you with information either.
  • Supply Chain Brain – “One Focus, One Forum, Many Minds” is the slogan. With its 70-plus topics, videos and think-tank, this site offers supply chain operations and logistics updates over a wide base. Whether you distribute flowers, pharmaceuticals, or automotive accessories, you should find posts of interest.
  • Supply Chain Digital – Offers a blog-style homepage for you to dip into items of current interest, with photos to liven up your logistics day.
  • Hubspot – Posts on email campaigns, social media marketing and the right type of font to maximize impact, this site offers you pointers on many aspects of marketing. Just add reseller info and a pinch of common sense to make this work for your distribution company.
  • Social Media Examiner – Social media for sales, marketing, support, and recruitment, is there anything you cannot do with social media now? The Social Media Examiner is fun but still focused on helping you achieve your business goals by using social media.
  • Social Media Today – More on how to use LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook, but also on using YouTube and Instagram (or similar.) Advertising and public relations are also topics.
  • Online Marketing – Whether your wholesaling enterprise sells online or uses the Web to drive resellers to call and visit you, online marketing techniques have many advantages to offer, and this site informs you about the latest ones.
  • CIO Dashboard – The blog posts on this site bring you insights into measuring your IT performance, mobility, and the relationship between going digital and growing the company.
  • Open Forum – Check this blog site out on a regular basis to see what could be applied in your distribution enterprise, as industry experts contribute recommendations and articles.
  • Brian Solis – With off the wall, innovative business ideas and discussions, this blog site can help Los Angeles distributors see some of the new trends that will apply to them. Improving the customer experience (or reseller experience, if you prefer) is a common theme.

The posts on these sites are typically ones you can read while you drink your morning coffee or over lunch in the afternoon. Then apply any takeaways to help give your business that extra competitive edge.


What’s your favorite business blog that’s relevant for the distribution industry? Tell us about it in the space for Comments below.


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