Los Angeles CPAs: Bookmark This Resource List

Craig Pollack | Sep 21, 2015

Los Angeles CPAs: Bookmark This Resource ListThere are many helpful resources on the Internet that are beneficial to Los Angeles CPAs.

Here we’ve put together a list of fourteen websites, blogs, and podcasts you can refer to in order to stay up to date with trends in the accounting industry. 

Bookmark this list of resources now so you can refer to them as needed. 

  1. The Accounting Onion – Written by Tom Selling, a college accounting and finance professor, this blog covers financial reporting from the perspective of an SEC expert. The idea of the blog is to peel away layers of complex jargon in order to simplify accounting concepts.
  2. Accounting Principals - This blog covers a variety of topics that focus on accounting jobs and careers. It is written by a company that, according to their website, is a leader in finance and accounting staffing.
  3. Accounting Software World - A website which offers continuing professional education (CPE) seminars and independent reviews of accounting, financial management and Enterprises Resource Planning (ERP) solutions.
  4. Accounting Today – Accounting Today covers breaking news, editorial analysis, and in-depth features for CPAs. They provide information on audit, tax, financial planning, general accounting, and accounting technology topics.
  5. Accounting Today: Podcasts - Accounting Today has podcasts you can stream from their website. While not updated frequently, they do score some big names in the accounting industry as guests.  
  6. AICPA Insights – The AICPA Insights blog covers a broad range of subjects in the accounting profession and industry. This is the official blog of the American Institute of CPAs. They tend to blog about trends or issues affecting their members.
  7. Bloomberg BNA Accounting - This blog provides in-depth information on general accounting, financial reporting, audit and tax related topics. Bloomberg BNA is a leading resource for business professionals and provides expert analysis, news, tools, and guidance.
  8. California Society of CPAs - The Los Angeles Chapter of the California Society of CPAs provides news on the accounting industry, information on government regulations, leadership and community opportunities, and educational resources on their website.
  9. Federal Accounting Standards Advisory Board - A helpful government resource that provides comprehensive information and resources on managerial cost accounting.
  10. The Fraud Files – Written by a fraud investigator and forensic accountant, this blog covers fraud-related topics such as embezzlement, tax fraud, insurance fraud, white collar crime, and financial statement fraud.
  11. Journal of Accountancy – This is a news blog covering accounting topics such as tax, technology, management, financial reporting, auditing, and management accounting. The “JofA” also include the latest news in the accounting industry.
  12. The Nonprofit Belfint Ledger – This is a helpful blog for the non-profit industry that covers topics on financial reporting and taxes.
  13. The Sleeter Report – This blog provides technical and marketing information on accounting solutions for small and medium-sized businesses. The Sleeter Group has developed a reputation for high-quality technical reference materials, software reviews, and training materials for the accounting industry.
  14. White Collar Fraud - A particularly interesting resource which is written by the former CFO of Crazy Eddie. He is a convicted felon and former CPA who now teaches businesses how to look for fraud, such as accounting irregularities.


These are only a handful of great resources for Los Angeles CPAs to get you started. There are many other websites and blogs available to help with training resources, software reviews, and continuing education. 


What other resources can you recommend that would be beneficial to Los Angeles CPAs? Please share in the Comments box below.


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Craig Pollack

Craig Pollack

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