LA RIAs: Have You Planned for Windows Server 2003 End of Life?

Craig Pollack | Jun 19, 2015

LA RIAs Have You Planned for Windows Server 2003 End of LifeAre you aware of the Windows Server 2003 End of Life (EOL) date on July 14, 2015? After that point, support ends.

Is your Los Angeles investment advisor firm still running Windows Server 2003? Be aware that new threats and vulnerabilities will not be addressed, turning all systems running this operating system into a security risk and compliance problem.

Los Angeles RIAs need to have a plan in place to protect their company and client data from exposure and threats that go hand-in-hand with using an out-of-date platform.

Inventory Existing Systems

Inventory all existing applications and systems so you have a better understanding of what’s involved in the migration. Microsoft and other computer manufacturers, such as HP and Dell, offer inventory tools to simplify the process.

Complete All Necessary Backups

Before beginning the Windows Server 2003 End of Life migration, backup all of your data. Although most server upgrades go smoothly, it is important to have vital information in a safe and accessible place.

Acquire Upgraded Versions of Key Software

All software needs to be compatible with the new server operating system. After taking inventory, determine what software can be retired and research any new versions of apps, system management tools, and security software. After installation, confirm that that any upgraded or migrated programs have been validated and tested for operating issues before decommissioning the old servers.

Migration Options

To protect your company’s infrastructure, migrating to Windows Server 2012 R2, Microsoft Azure, or Office 365 can bring some significant benefits. You’ll have reduced maintenance requirements, as well as improved performance and speed.

Work with an IT Solution Provider

The migration could be complex depending on the user applications and system incompatibilities that need to be addressed. Your investment firm can save a tremendous amount of time and frustration by outsourcing the upgrade and migration duties to an IT solution provider.

FPA Technology Services Inc. has expertise in facilitating a smooth transition from Windows 2003 Server to a more up-to-date system and will ensure that all industry-specific processes, security, risk assessment, and data privacy are firmly in place after the upgrade is complete.

Bottom Line

Upgrading your investment advisor firm’s servers so that they meet both regulatory and legal requirements takes time. By preparing now for Windows Server 2003 End of Life, the migration can be done with minimal disruption to the business.

A well thought out migration plan eliminates the risk of a rushed job and ensures continuity of both customer service and data security.


Are your Windows Server 2003 End of Life plans firmly in place? Let us know your thoughts in the Comments box below.


If you’d like to learn more about how FPA Technology Services can assist you with your migration, set up your complimentary consultation today.


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Craig Pollack

Craig Pollack

Craig is the Founder & CEO of FPA Technology Services, Inc. Craig provides the strategy and direction for FPA, ensuring its clients, business owners, and key decision makers leverage technology as efficiently and effectively as possible. With over 25 years of experience building the preeminent IT Service Provider in the Southern California area, Craig is one of the area’s leading authorities on how small to mid-sized businesses can best secure and leverage their technology to achieve their business objectives.