How the California Accounting Board Supports LA CPAs

Craig Pollack | Mar 13, 2015

How the California Accounting Board Supports LA CPAsEnsuring accounting firms adhere to a set of ethical business practices and are properly licensed to do business are key mandates for the California Accounting Board (CBA).

The CBA has been protecting the reputation of its members since 1901, and is, suitably, part of the California Department of Consumer Affairs in Sacramento.

Some of the key services that the CBA provides include:

  1. Peer review auditing and accountability to the Board
  2. Ensures accounting firms and accounting professionals are properly licensed
  3. Enforcement of ethical practices by its licensees
  4. Establishing codes of behavior, licensing standards, and general conduct
  5. Governing the largest professional body of accounting firms and professionals in the USA, with over ninety-seven thousand professionals and more than five thousand firms.

Accredited Professionals

The CBA not only publishes the names of firms, professionals, and partnerships of PAs and CPAs who are licensed, but also those who have had their licenses revoked or have retired. This way, clients can be sure they are working with an accredited, ethical professional who will safeguard their information, and generally act ethically in respect to their business dealings.

The California Accounting Board is made up of seven accounting professionals and eight people who are in business outside of the accounting profession. This provides a system of checks and balances and doesn’t favor accounting professionals unfairly.


The CBA website provides online exams, webcasts of Board meetings, and a variety of forms and handbooks for CPAs and PAs. The Board is also very active on social media and shares important information on current events in accounting with its followers across Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

CPAs who are interested in influencing the accounting industry in California can sit on a variety of committees. It also provides a number of channels for CPAs to have their say on pertinent issues in the industry.

The CBA collaborates with federal organizations such as the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy, and ensures CPAs meet their educational requirements of eighty hours every two years. It also works with the CalCPA Association and the CalCPA Education Foundation to provide

  • Educational opportunities for its licensees and members
  • The California CPA Magazine
  • Educational events for CPAs and other accounting professionals throughout the state of California

Bottom Line

If you are an aspiring accounting professional looking to find the educational resources and certification exams for the accounting profession, be sure to connect with the California Accounting Board and check out the CalCPA Education Foundation as well.


How has the California Accounting Board helped your CPA firm? Let us know about it in the Comments section below.


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Craig Pollack

Craig Pollack

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