How Online Project Management Software Helps Los Angeles RIAs

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How Online Project Management Software Helps Los Angeles RIAs

Online project management software helps Los Angeles RIAs who handle several tasks on any given day stay organized. These applications are designed to instill a sense of order in each project and coordinate activities between team members.

Some systems even include collaboration and time-tracking tools, so that managers can allocate resources and monitor projects as they progress.

Web-based solutions are becoming more popular because they can be accessed from any location, allowing team members to 

participate even if they are working from home or traveling for business. This constant state of accessibility reduces the likelihood of missed deadlines and cluttered portfolios.

Here are some of the many ways that online project management software helps Los Angeles RIAs stay on track when workloads escalate and/or team members spend more time outside the office.

A Well-Connected Team

Remote workers are on their way to becoming a workplace staple, so few teams consist entirely of office employees. Cloud-based project management apps enable a single workspace that can be accessed from anywhere so that team members can easily communicate and work together.

Access You Can Depend On

When a project is in the cloud, no essential files are stuck in a local computer folder. A busy RIA working from home does not need to ask an on-site co-worker to send them a file or hunt through an absent colleague’s computer to find an outstanding presentation. Everything is central and can be retrieved quickly. All that is needed is a reliable connection to the Internet.

Enhanced security

The best online project management software has high levels of built-in security courtesy of leading-edge data centers with sound disaster recovery plans. If a team member’s laptop or tablet goes missing, all they have to do is log into their account online and change their password to prevent unauthorized access.

Even if the RIA’s entire office is compromised by a natural disaster, important data remains safe and accessible.

Operating Flexibility

When you manage a project online, it does not matter what device or operating system each team member uses. All a cloud-based application requires is a web browser and internet connection.  Allowing each team member to use a system and device they are familiar with enhances productivity.

Bottom Line

As teams get bigger, and project participants spend more time out of the office, comprehensive online solutions need to coordinate an RIA’s project portfolio. Because online project management software updates in real-time, the information is always current, and ease of access guarantees that business trips, client visits, and other out-of-office events do not interrupt project flow.


Do you use online project management software? If so, which one do you recommend? Let us know your thoughts in the Comments box below.


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