Are Los Angeles Distributors Staying Competitive?

Henry Ngo | Sep 01, 2015

Are Los Angeles Distributors Staying Competitive?Markets shift, customers adapt, and new ways of doing business evolve. Technology is a driving force today, and Los Angeles distributors need to stay competitive with new technology.

That does not mean throwing out everything you are doing as a COO, but you need to be aware of what the industry leaders are doing to be successful. What are some of the changes that help you remain competitive?

Don’t Be Afraid

For Los Angeles distributors to stay competitive, technology must be embraced. New ways of doing business include:

  • integrating cloud-based systems
  • providing better customer service through interaction
  • automation of processes
  • becoming more efficient by using data technology to accurately monitor and forecast inventory, meet customer needs, and streamline deliveries.

Much of the new technology can integrate into existing infrastructures. Looking at the larger picture, the savings, lower operating costs, and increased sales and retention from satisfied customers will offset initial costs.

Competitive Advantage

Improved Customer Service - Various studies clearly show how clients and vendors react to customer service. Three statistics should be of interest to you:
  1. Over 70% of customers surveyed cite bad service as the reason for leaving a brand.  
  2. Customers who feel engaged purchase 90% more frequently.
  3. Repeat customers spend 67% more than those who are new.

Cloud-based technology can give your customers and vendors improved access to information. From anywhere at any time of the day, they can check inventory, make orders, check order status, product availability, and many other things that would otherwise require a call to customer service.

Your customers are not tied to your office hours, and your employees are free to work on other chores, or are more readily available for more challenging customer issues. These satisfied customers are more likely to be repeat customers, and repeat customers spend more and are easier to retain. Providing excellent customer service through the use of new technology will set you apart from your competitors.

Reduce Costs - Technology can do this in several ways:
  1. Automation and cloud-based technology can reduce overhead, increase efficiency, and increase employee productivity.
  2. New technology in data mining allows for improved inventory forecasts, the ability to recognize changes in customer order trends, and improved flexibility to adjust to changing markets.

The increased efficiency and lower operating costs can allow you to lower prices, another way to separate you from your competition.

Adapt and Evolve

Using new technology to stay flexible allows Los Angeles distributors to meet changing customer and market demands and succeed where competitors may fail.


What are some other ways technology helps distribution companies stay competitive? Let us know your thoughts in the Comments box below.


If you own or manage a Los Angeles distribution company, and you’re interested in learning more about new technology, be sure to download your free guide, How COOs at Los Angeles Distributors and Manufacturers Get More Done: A Guide to Productivity, Data, Staffing, Delegation, and Making It Home for Dinner Most Nights.


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