3 Additions to Advent Axys that RIAs Should Know

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Three of the Latest Additions to Advent Axys that LA RIAs Should Know AboutAxys’ claim to fame is helping Investment Advisors to get more done during their day.  Interestingly enough Axys, which is Advent’s leading portfolio management solution, recently introduced a number of upgrades with the intention of improving the program’s flexibility and productivity. 

While the software already offered access to an extensive library of report templates, project management features, performance measurement, reconciliation, portfolio accounting and report customization, Advent’s hoping the latest additions will demonstrate Axys’ sheer diversity and superiority as the “de facto” industry standard portfolio management system.

Announced at the tail end of 2015, here are three of the software’s latest features that we’re sure LA RIAs would want to know about:

1. New Portfolio Templates

In addition to Advent Axys’ already burgeoning library of report templates, Advent has now added even more customizable reports to its repertoire. This means that it will be easier than ever for LA RIAs to create professional reports in minutes as well as being able to customize their own portfolio management experience. Appearance is key for clients, and Axys’ diverse database of templates will ensure that you are providing them with the very best as well as maintaining an easy-to-use, appealing portfolio from which you can work.

2. Extended Regulatory Support

Support is vital for any kind of software, and when it the functionality is as complex as Axys, that need grows exponentially. It’s essential for RIAs to maintain an air of professionalism with every client, which can only be achieved when software support is as flexible, and in-depth as this new, extended, regulatory support provided by Axys. Advent’s software solution can assist RIAs with issues concerning compliancy, as well as general software queries.

3. An Enhanced Interface

While it may be Axys’ features that have earned it the reputation for being the industry’s leading portfolio management solution, it’s the software’s user interface that has earned respect among its users. Portfolio management can be a complicated affair, particularly if you handle a number of clients from various backgrounds. And Axys’ latest interface is clear, concise, easy to navigate, and doesn’t burden users with information they simply don’t need to know at that moment. In addition, the software’s graphics are bold and easy to apply and ensure that information is readily available.

Each of these three key updates has been designed to improve users’ experiences of Axys, as well as helping them to operate their businesses with more efficiency, reliability and professionally. It remains to be seen where Advent will take their software next, but with these latest changes it sure seems like they’re moving in the right direction.

What’s your experience with Axys? Have you found the latest updates useful? We’d love to hear your stories. Let us know how it's going in the Comments box below.

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Craig Pollack

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