3 Ways Los Angeles Investment Advisors Leverage Tablets

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3 Ways Los Angeles Investment Advisors Leverage TabletsAlthough tablets were greeted as a fad when they first appeared on the market, they are now firmly established as business tools on a par with smartphones and laptops.

Nowhere is this more evident than in the financial services industry, which has adopted the iPad as a company asset four times more quickly than the next runner-up, business and professional services.

Los Angeles investment advisors regularly use iPads and other tablets to improve client interactions, differentiate their services, and increase their revenue.

Below is a summary of the three most popular ways investment advisors leverage tablets.

Create and Display Presentations

Apps such as Keynote for iOS or Quickoffice for Android allow advisors to create and display professional-looking presentations that will impress new clients and strengthen the loyalty of existing ones.

Support for interactive displays enable information to be presented and emphasized in ways that traditional printed presentations cannot. Most presentation apps have built-in themes, but Los Angeles investment advisors can create branded ones for extra impact.

Using a tablet as a presentation tool also reduces administrative costs such as color printing. Simply send clients copies of presentations directly from your tablet.

Work from Anywhere

Internet-connected mobile devices have created portable offices: wherever the investment advisor is, he or she can communicate with clients, conduct business, and “attend” company meetings. Tablets, along with cloud services and apps that enable document creation and file management, make it possible for Los Angeles investment advisors to maintain the same workflow regardless of where they happen to be.

This flexibility also suits the younger generation of clients, as they tend to be extremely busy and have little time to face-to-face meetings. With video conferencing apps such as Skype or GoToMeeting, investment advisors and clients can see each other and share a screen to review and discuss important financial information.

Build Stronger Client Relationships

Los Angeles investment advisors use tablets to add deeper value to their service offerings, which in turn can make client relationships stronger. Mission-critical meetings can be held anywhere and anytime, with the investment advisor having access to all relevant information. It is even possible to sign documents using a tablet, providing a paperless but valid record of each transaction.

Bottom Line

Tablets have made fundamental changes in the way that Los Angeles investment advisors do business. Their ongoing popularity indicates that they will remain a preferred business tool in the financial services industry for a long time to come.


Do you use a tablet to carry out business transactions and communicate with your clients? Let us know your thoughts in the Comments box below.


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Craig Pollack

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