3 Reasons Why Los Angeles CPAs Need Secure Passwords

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3 Reasons Why Los Angeles CPAs Need Secure PasswordsAs a Los Angeles CPA, you probably know that you need secure passwords, but do you understand why? The simple explanation is to protect information on devices and applications such as laptop and desktop computers, smartphones and tablets, email accounts, as well as many other software applications and online portals.

Now let’s take a deeper look at secure passwords in terms of creating memorable passwords, tools to keep your passwords safe, and fortifying security.

1. Create Passwords which are Sticky and Secure

It’s good to have an obscure word, which might be your childhood pet’s name or your favorite song with a numerical combination. However, even better is a complex password that is a combination of letters, numbers and, where valid, special characters.

Let’s look at the famous phrase, “The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dogs.”

And let’s take the number four, thinking about four “lazy dogs”. Now use the first letter of each word in the sentence, adding in the number four, and you’ve got “TQBFJOT4LD”. It would be difficult for someone to guess that password. You could also add an exclamation point at the end - TQBFJOT4LD!

A password like that will stick in your mind, and it’s much more secure than “password”, or something like “drowssap123” – password spelled backwards!

2. Password Saver Apps

Remembering a bunch of personal and work passwords can be a daunting task. The time-dishonored habit of a Post-It note on your monitor is not a great place to keep your password. A better idea is to use a password saver application.

3. Taking Passwords up a Notch

Though a complex password of an approved length and character mix is a great start, adding another layer or two of security is an even better strategy. Two-factor authentication combines something you have in your wallet or on your smartphone with your password. It will help keep your device safe from a thief if it’s stolen.


What techniques do you use to come up with memorable, secure passwords? Tell us about it in the Comments section below.


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Craig Pollack

Craig Pollack

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