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March 31, 2014

Happy Spring! Two really important topics to cover and then I'll leave you to enjoy the rest of the newsletter...

First, today is World Backup Day. As silly as this may sound (does it really warrant a day unto itself?), the truth is - the topic does warrant being top of mind. For those of you out there still not on an automated backup and disaster recovery system, let alone still backing up via tape, this could be one of the most critical areas you need to address (and you may not even know it). Per the founders, the purpose of the day is to make sure the concept of backups gets taken seriously. At a minimum, we agree this is something very worthwhile to be on top of. I know personally how critical our role is to the success of our clients in this area (and specifically the guys in our NOC - Network Operations Center). So, don't take this lightly - if you're not 1,000% sure your backups are working 100% of the time, give us a call.

Secondly, and possibly of equal importance, is the impending retirement of Windows XP. As our sidebar notes, April 8th is coming up fast. If you're still running XP machines, please do whatever you can to get off of them. While I'm sure you won't feel anything different when it happens, but (and I believe this is a big but) I believe you'll be running under a false sense of security. It's not a matter of IF it will be hacked, but WHEN. So, take the necessary steps to prepare yourself before anything bad happens by replacing your Windows XP machines asap.

That said, please enjoy this newsletter. We hope you find some of these tidbits valuable to you.

Here's to a successful Q2!

Craig Pollack & The FPA Team

Report: California Has a Cyber-Gang problem

International criminal enterprises follow the money, and a report being released Thursday says they are increasingly focusing on California because of its wealth and innovation.

Aside from longtime trafficking in drugs, guns, and people, the report by California Attorney General Kamala Harris says criminals are turning to cybercrime to target businesses and financial institutions.

It calls California the top target in the United States for organizations that often operate from safe havens in Eastern Europe, Africa, and China.

To learn more, click here.

Target Exec's Departure Puts Spotlight On CIO's

The departure of Target's Chief Information Officer in the wake of the company's massive pre-Christmas data breach highlights the increased pressure facing executives who are charged with protecting corporate computer systems from hackers whose attacks are on the rise and becoming more sophisticated.

CIOs from companies in all walks of business - from retail to banking and drug discovery - are using the Target breach as a rallying point to call attention to their struggle and garner additional funds and manpower to fight digital threats.

To learn more, click here.

CFO's How Exposed is Your Data?

To find out, CFOs must pose these questions to their heads of IT security.

I've been involved in various ways with information security topics and issues since around 1980. I even spent a year as the acting head of information security for one of the global credit reporting agencies. In that job, I looked after the security of 500 million identities, securing a network with more than 100,000 connections to the providers and consumers of credit data.

To learn more, click here.

Microsoft Rings Windows XP Warning Bells

With 2 weeks to go before it pulls the plug on Windows XP, the software giant steps up its campaign to get SMBs and consumers to upgrade.

Microsoft is ending support for its Windows XP operating system on April 8, 2014, meaning that the company will stop issuing patches to fix bugs and mending any vulnerabilities that may arise. Although PCs running XP won't cease to work on that date, they will be effectively obsolete.

To learn more, click here.

Linkedin Gives Users the Blocking Feature They Asked for

LinkedIn users who'd rather not receive job inquiries or other messages, or allow access to their profiles from certain other members, can now block them.

Find out more here.

How IT Can Establish Better Cloud Control

There's no getting around it: Employees who use SaaS applications are more irresponsible about password security, file transfer and IT compliance. But IT's failure to communicate about risky behavior and provide tools to help employees do their work is part of the problem. Here are steps you can take to bring SaaS back under control.

For more information visit here.

10 Underdog Brands that Fought Their Way to the Top

Every industry has its market leader-the big guy, the unattainable giant, the one that seems impossible to beat. With bigger budgets and more resources, the market leader can seem intimidating. But we all love a good underdog story, and they exist everywhere, even in business. Through innovation, perseverance and a commitment to do things better, many small companies have challenged the status quo and overtaken their market leaders.

Firmex Virtual Data Rooms has brought together this list of underdog brands, including Apple, Netflix and Dyson, to recognize and celebrate the uphill battle each one has fought to become top dog.

To learn more, click here.

Fighting Above Your Company's Weight Class

Small companies can turn their size into an advantage when competing against the heavyweights in their industry.

To read the full article, click here.

9 Things Great Leaders Say Every Day

Your words are among your greatest tools. They're a window into your vision, your values and your abilities. So, whether you're running a giant organization or just trying to herd a group toward a certain outcome, there are messages you need to communicate constantly in order to lead effectively.

To learn more, click here.

Struck by Lightning - the ShoreTel Dock

ShoreTel today launched an integrated solution for the world's #1 CRM application, enabling customers to have comprehensive business intelligence with a 360 degree view of sales, marketing and customer service interactions.

Read more here.

ShoreTel Supercharges Business Intelligence for the World's #1 CRM

ShoreTel today launched an integrated solution for the world's #1 CRM application, enabling customers to have comprehensive business intelligence with a 360 degree view of sales, marketing and customer service interactions.

By integrating two mission-critical platforms - the communications platform and a company's critical enterprise application - businesses now have comprehensive reporting on the effectiveness of all communications and customer interactions. ShoreTel's single-source view provides insights enabling higher productivity and more effective collaboration of sales, support and marketing organizations for greater customer satisfaction and better business results.

To find out more visit here.


Mt. Gox - Bitcoin Attack

Kickstarter Breach

University of Maryland Data Breach

Indiana University Data Breach

Forbes Hack by Syrian Electronic Army

Houses of Parliament Network IT Outages


Client vs. Customer

Our goal from day 1 has always been to deliver the highest level of professional IT services that can be delivered. And from a service delivery perspective - this is a great place to be. We know the quality we provide is light years ahead of our competitors. We know that the quality, caring, and professionalism of our staff runs at a (significantly) higher level than our competitors. And we know the difference between the "before" and "after" stories when we take over clients from "the other guys". But from a a sales and marketing perspective, it can sometimes be a frustrating place to be.


How Windows XP and Office 2003 End-of-Life Will Affect You

Well, it's almost here! Windows XP and Office 2003 have almost reached end-of-life. It's now less than 3 weeks away. It's hard to believe, but as of November 2013 more than 30 percent of all PCs are still running it! So, Microsoft has kept it on life support. So, we've put together a list of questions that you may be asking yourself:



FPA Named to MSPmentor's 501 Global Edition

ENCINO, CA - March 3, 2014 - FPA Technology Services, Inc. (FPA), the preeminent IT Service Provider in the greater Los Angeles area, announces today that it has landed on Nine Lives Media's MSPmentor 501 Global Edition for 2014, a distinguished list and report identifying the world's top 501 managed service providers (MSPs).

Read the full Press Release here

FPA Donates to the American Cancer Society

ENCINO, CA - March 4, 2014 - FPA Technology Services, Inc. (FPA), the preeminent IT Service Provider in the greater Los Angeles area, announces today that on behalf of their clients with March anniversary dates it has made a donation to the American Cancer Society.

Read the full Press Release here

Today is World Backup Day!

World Backup Day

Hard to believe it's only been a year since last World Backup Day! With April Fool's Day only one day away, it's also hard to believe this is no joke.

Is your business and computer based information as protected as you need it to be? Is your system being backed up timely, accurately, and without human intervention? If not, it's time to take a serious look at our BDR Solution. Our clients already on this solution can breathe a sigh of relief today knowing they're well protected.

For more information on this highly serious topic check out their website, twitter feed, or Facebook page.

Download our Backup & Disaster Recovery Brochure

FPA Backup & Disaster Recovery Solution

Windows XP Retirement

RIP Windows XP

Windows XP SP3 and Office 2003: Support Ends April 8, 2014

If you haven't already heard, Microsoft's Windows XP operating system is being retired in 2 weeks! Considered revolutionary in its day, XP was released worldwide for retail sale on October 25, 2001.

What does the retirement mean to you? It means that Windows XP Pro will no longer receive any sort of updates or support from Microsoft. Those crazy folks out there who create malware to wreak havoc on the rest of us will then have a field day. When Windows XP retires, it will not be long before a network with a Windows XP machine will be infected.

While the jury is still out on Windows 8, Windows 7 has been a solid operating system almost since day one.

If you have Windows XP running anywhere within your network, time is quickly running out to upgrade before your entire network becomes vulnerable to hackers and data breaches. If you have any questions or are looking for a trusted partner to help ease the transition, please give us a call.

Upgrade to the Cloud
Benefits of Office 365 Brochure

Office 365

Staff Spotlight - Dee Perez

Jason Katz

As the Manager of Operations, Dee is responsible for the overall operations of the company - from the quality of service delivery to managing our human "Capital". Recently celebrating her 20th year anniversary with FPA, Dee has certainly seen a lot in that time (although doing the math, it means she must have started here when she was 11!). Dee is the "hub" of FPA ensuring that clients are happy, staff are happy, and we're doing everything to the level we're supposed to be. She's an integral part of the management team and a key reason for our continued success.

When not at FPA, Dee enjoys her free time with her family and rockin' out to Coldplay, Train, Counting Crows, and the occasional Journey song.

Client Kudos

"All our experiences with FPA's staff have been great - they're professional and responsive."

- Bernie G.
LL Management Group

"You guys are amazing!"

- Mirna B.
Wishnow, Ross, Warsavsky & Company

Recommended Reading

Executive Toughness: The Mental-Training Program to Increase Your Leadership Performance

by Jason Selk

Take your professional game to the next level - in 100 seconds or less!

People with inborn talent may be good at what they do-but only the mentally tough reach the highest plateaus in their field. And here's the best news of all: mental toughness is something anyone can learn.

Director of mental training for the St. Louis Cardinals and a top-tier executive coach, Dr. Jason Selk knows everything there is to know about developing the mental toughness required for achieving any goal you set for yourself. In fact, the techniques he outlines in this book are the same ones he used to help the Cardinals defeat the heavily favored Detroit Tigers in the 2006 World Series.

Inspired on the vision of legendary basketball coach John Wooden, Selk's program is as simple as it is effective. But that doesn't mean it's easy. You have to put effort into your drive to success; it's the only way to build up your mental "muscles." Selk provides hands-on daily exercises for breaking old, self-defeating patterns of behavior and replacing them with the can-do attitude and positive behavior that would make Coach Wooden proud.

Executive Toughness outlines the three fundamentals for attaining high-level success:

ACCOUNTABILITY-admit to mistakes, correct them, and, most important, learn from them
FOCUS-on your strengths, on winning, on reaching your goal...for only 100 seconds per day
OPTIMISM-don't just believe you can succeed, know you can succeed

Executive Toughness takes you through the steps of making these critical behaviors part of your everyday routine. Practice your accountability, focus, and optimism, and you'll be on the path to attaining your goals; make them part of your mental "DNA," and there will be no turning back-ever.

A complete regimen from a leading expert on developing the mindset for attaining goals, Executive Toughness is your workout for ultimate success in your career and in your life.

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