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July 15, 2011

Greetings from the beach...

Not really, but I can dream can't I?

While the summer lends itself to relaxing at the beach and slowing down the pace of things, it seems to have the opposite affect on us here. Not only do we find ourselves busier than ever on the support side of things, with staff at our clients out on vacation it also means we're knee deep in projects - implementing new servers, migrating data, and updating workstations to Windows 7. Even the impending "Carmageddon" couldn't stop our staff from working on projects over the weekend - we have staff booked at hotels in the city so that we're available!

Speaking of Carmageddon, one of my latest favorite iPhone apps is Waze. If you do any sort of driving in LA (I know, a crazy thought), you have to have this app. It's a Social Networking app that provides real-time traffic updates from end users in traffic. As they put it, "Real-time maps and traffic information based on the wisdom of the crowd". While it kind of goes against the concept of NOT texting while driving it's actually not texting. It's quite functional and fast. You have to check it out - especially this weekend!

I'm happy to report that our BDR (Backup & Disaster Recovery) Solution came to the rescue once again this past month (happy to report, not necessarily happy that we had to use it). Above and beyond its capabilities in providing comprehensive local and offsite backups, the server virtualization component is priceless. A client's server hardware failed and within an hour we had their server virtualized and back up and running on the BDR unit. The beauty of this situation was the fact that we had just implemented it. What a way to "wow" the client! I can't communicate it enought that this solution has been one of the more powerful "no-brainers" we've seen in a long time. For more info on our BDR solution, check out our BDR micro-site or give us a call...

Lastly, one of my favorite "cloud" apps announced a milestone recently. Pandora, the Internet radio station, announced Tuesday it has reached 100 million listeners. Quite an amazing feat. Good to know I'm not alone in my love for it.

Here's to a great July!

Craig Pollack & The FPA Team

Size does Matter - NOT!

We hear far too often that some clients believe they’re “too small” for hackers to target them. Who would take the time and effort to attack a small company? What could hackers get if they tried and were successful?

Well, let’s look at a small company from a hacker’s point of view. What would be of interest to them? Financial information, such as bank accounts and balances, is the first thing that comes to mind. With the right information, monies can be easily transferred out of one account and into another. The theft of financial information can be devastating to a company, especially a small company.

And what happens to a company if a hacker gets access to information about that company’s clients? If customers’ financial information is exposed, California law requires that the company notify each person whose information might have been compromised of the breach in security. This process can be costly in terms of time and, more importantly, the level of confidence those customers have with the company will drop and may result in loss of future business.

The good news is that many of our clients have made the decision to improve their network security by selecting FPA’s Managed IT Services. Part of the Managed Services technology is remote monitoring and alerting—FPA deals with security issues before they become problems. We address many security concerns before it’s too late and it’s proven that size doesn’t matter.

For more information on small firms and hackers…

Read More…



Carmageddon is Here!

Unless you've been living under a rock, all ramps, freeway connectors and lanes on the 405 between the 10 and the 101 are set to be closed starting 7:00pm tonite thru midnight tonite with the whole stretch of freeway closed all weekend. All to demo half of the Mulholland Drive bridge.

If everything goes smoothly, the scheduled opening is set for 5:00am Monday morning. If the contractors don't meet this timeframe the clock starts ticking! They will be looking at a fine of $72,000 per hour for ever hour the freeway's not open.

We're hoping it's Y2K all over again. That is to say, much to do about nothing!


IT Management Services

Strategic Planning & Guidance

How are you addressing your strategic IT needs? Do you have a Technology Plan in effect? How about an annual budget? Do you have a Computer Use Policy in place?

FPA provides a wide array of strategic IT and business consulting services tailored to the specific business needs of our clients. Our outsourced CIO and CTO services offer the highest level of IT experience and expertise at a fraction of the cost of having one in house. We provide many clients with strategic planning and budgeting services to address their technology needs while helping plan for future growth.

FPA works with clients to develop and manage annual capital and operating budgets ensuring that these budgets are met on an ongoing basis. For our larger clients, we also assist with planning and managing their technology staff. While we can assist in the hiring process, we also offer training services to enhance the technical abilities of their existing IT staff.

For more information about our Strategic Planning & Guidance services, please contact us at info@fpainc.com or by phone at 818-501-3390.


Staff Spotlight - Daniel Mizrahi

Daniel is one of the latest additions to the FPA team. For those of you who've called in for support recently, you've probably already talked with him. As our Remote Services Supervisor, Daniel is responsible for prioritizing issue response that our help desk and NOC respond to. He's on the front line dedicated to making sure our clients' remote requests are getting addressed timely, accurately, and effectively.

When not "running the queue" Daniel is an avid history and language buff while mixing in enjoying a good hockey game when he can.










Phishing or Fishing?

Phishing is similar to fishing in a lake, but instead of trying to capture fish, phishers attempt to steal your personal information. They send out emails that appear to come from legitimate websites such as eBay, PayPal, or other banking institutions. The emails state that your information needs to be updated or validated and ask that you enter your username and password, after clicking a link included in the email. Some emails will ask that you enter even more information, such as your full name, address, phone number, social security number, and credit card number. However, even if you visit the false website and just enter your username and password, the phisher may be able to gain access to more information by just logging in to you account.

Phishing is a con game…


Massive Phishing Attack Hits U.S. Officials

Hundreds of personal Gmail accounts, including those of some senior U.S. government officials, were hacked as a result of a massive phishing scheme originating from China.

The account hijackings were a result of stolen passwords, likely by malware installed on victims' computers or through victims' responses to e-mails from malicious hackers posing as trusted sources. That type of hack is known as phishing. Gmail's security systems themselves were not compromised, Google said.



Mistake #5: Using Un(der) Qualified People for IT Service

While on the surface having a friend, neighbor, relative, or someone at work in charge of your IT may not seem like that bad of a move, I would think only when it comes to dog walking would you think this is ok in any other aspect of your life. Imagine having your nephew who's "really good" at math do your tax returns for you. Or imagine having your butcher...



Client Testimonial

"I want to let you know what an outstanding job AD has done in helping to get us up and running. We met our very aggressive target date, and his efforts are largely responsible for this. He was working with tight deadlines, coordinating many components, and he has delivered. SH came in at the end of the process and has been great as well.

"We certainly value our relationship with FPA.”

Stewart M.
Anchor Loans


I.T. 101

There are a lot of acronyms and abbreviations tossed out in IT and we forget that not everyone knows our secret shorthand like we do. So, we thought it might be helpful to define them...

What is a Webmaster?

The webmaster is the person in charge of maintaining a website and is also called a web architect, web developer, or website administrator. A webmaster writes HTML for the web pages, organizes the website's structure, responds to e-mails about the website, and keeps the site up-to-date.










Mistake #4: Overextending the Technology Lifecycle

This one actually ties in quite nicely to Mistake #3 (Going Cheap), although it may be the chicken and the egg syndrome - not sure which comes first. Are you going cheap because you're overextending the lifecycle of your technology or are you overextending the lifecycle of your technology because you're going cheap? Because many businesses tend to "go cheap", their first inclination is the old adage, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it". With technology this actually turns out be a more costly approach.


FPA Selected to Participate in Intel’s vPro Pilot Program

FPA Technology Services, Inc., the leading full service IT Services and Support firm in the Los Angeles area, announced that it has recently completed working with Intel® in their vPro™ Pilot Program. Within this program, Intel partners with select Managed Service Providers to install and configure “seed” workstations, provided by Intel, for several clients and then testing and analyzing the performance results of the machines.

This functionality greatly improves FPA’s remote management and administration of client networks resulting in improved response to failure, meeting shorter recovery time objectives, as well as providing the ability to decrease power consumption.

FPA, Twitter, and Facebook

Just a reminder that you can keep in touch and see what's going on with FPA on a regular basis on Twitter and Facebook. Check us out!




Recommended Reading

The Six Fundamentals of Success: The Rules for Getting it Right for Yourself and Your Organization

by Stuart R. Levine

Business consultant Stuart R. Levine spells out how to practice the constants of business success through six fundamental principles. With no-nonsense lessons like “Face time counts,” “Do breakfast,” and “Share the good news—and the bad,” Levine offers concrete examples of how to behave, respond, and motivate others.

Practicing tools such as “Act like an owner” or “Complete one important thing every day” increases your worth as an employee and, in turn, makes the company worth more. A boss likes nothing more than increased corporate worth and it’s one way you can advance your career and increase your own paycheck.


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