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July 2, 2010


Spring has come and gone and summer is finally here! And as we've crossed the half-way mark through the year, we're finding more and more clients looking at their technology and what they have (or haven't) been doing to keep their systems up-to-date. One sign of this is the fact that our Implementation Services team is booked solid these days with server replacement projects, network upgrades, workstation and Thin Client roll-outs and all sorts of other fun stuff.

One of the trends we're seeing more and more of these days is Server Virtualization. This is allowing many of our clients to consolidate their multiple physical servers down to just a few. In addition to improved failover and disaster recovery, this move provides ROI in reducing ongoing management costs as well as producing significant energy savings (ie: "Going Green"). Along with virtualization, we're also seeing continued growth in our fixed fee Managed Services programs providing immediate benefits to our clients. We recently showed one client a savings of nearly 40% for their ongoing support services over what they would have paid on a time and materials basis.

Here at FPA we're always looking for the business benefit of technology. We're also looking forward to a great summer with lots of great projects, lots of great clients, and continued growth. So, have a great holiday to start things off and in the meantime here are some topics that we hope interest you...

Craig Pollack & The FPA Team

Email Habits: What message are you sending?

Each time you click "Send," the email being delivered says a lot about you and your organization. Are you practicing appropriate email etiquette, or are your emails conveying messages that are hurting your reputation and credibility?

More and more businesses are discovering the importance of establishing specific corporate guidelines regarding email practices. There is an assumed informality surrounding email usage, but email is no different than any other form of business communication. Your contacts form opinions about you and your business based on your email communications and how you use technology. Improper email usage can give someone the perception that you lack education, have limited experience with technology, or lack credibility. Mastering your email skills can go a long way toward forging the most professional image you can with potential clients, existing customers, and anyone else you communicate with via email.

Some points to keep in mind that would improve your emails:

  • always put something in the Subject field
  • always spell-check before you click "Send"
  • stay focused and on target with your message; "less is more";
  • stay organized; use bullet points if possible
  • make sure your email has a clear point; if you want something done, make sure you ask a question
  • when asking a question, pose it at the end of the email
  • always end your email with your signature
  • make sure everyone in your company has the signature formatted the same way

Apple iPhone4 Issues with Hosted Exchange

Exchange users who use an iPhone4 or upgraded an older iPhone to iOS4 are experiencing difficulties syncing their contacts, mail, and calendar via ActiveSync. Additionally, iOS4 is creating significant artificial load on Exchange servers, resulting in performance slowdowns for users on other devices and mail clients.

iPhone users who use the iPhone4 or upgraded to iOS4 must install a related Apple configuration patch on their iPhone. The patch, along with installation directions, can be found here:

Failure to install this patch will result in incomplete sync of user items and may cause performance issues.

Business Benefits of Virtualization

When IT organizations virtualize the hardware with hypervisor technologies such as VMware Infrastructure or HyperV, they empower themselves to make more flexible, dynamic choices in their application deployment and their allocation of resources — business benefits that affect the bottom line — including higher server utilization, improved service levels, ability to better meet changing business requirements, and increased business continuity and disaster recovery.

Some benefits include:

  • Zero downtime maintenance
  • Freedom from vendor-imposed upgrade cycles
  • Pooling hardware resources
  • Virtual hardware to support legacy operating systems
  • Dynamic resource sharing
  • Security and Fault Isolation
  • Business continuity and backups


The Benefits of Remote Monitoring

FPA has always prided itself on the quality of service we provide while developing meaningful relationships to become one of our clients' trusted advisors. Over the last few years, we've spent a significant amount of time, energy, and money investing in ways to improve our services.

One of the most significant changes we incorporated into our toolkit was the addition of our remote monitoring system. This "little" change has allowed us to significantly improve our clients' systems, businesses, and ultimately - their lives! For clients who we're monitoring, it's nothing short of a complete mind-shift. It's truly "Worry Removal" at its finest. Rather than fixing problems AFTER the fact, we're now running and managing their networks proactively.

We've built a Network Operations Center proactively dealing with alerts and addressing issues BEFORE they become problems. While sometimes it's hard to quantify the benefits of preventative care, simply put - remote monitoring significantly reduces ongoing support costs. We've seen support costs go down by between 20% to 30% for some clients.


FPA, Twitter, and Facebook

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What's Your Approach to IT?

I've noticed a trend lately. I'm meeting more and more with business owners who are looking to improve their IT infrastructure but aren't getting the level of expertise or service from their existing (outsourced) IT company that they feel they should be...

Businesses Who Value IT Outperform Those Who Don't

The interesting findings include the fact that despite the global recession, more SMBs surveyed in 2010 reported an increase in revenue for 2009 than in 2008. Those who reported growth view IT as critical to their business success...

FPA Achieves Symantec Silver Partner Status

FPA Technology Services, Inc. (FPA), the leading IT Services and Support firm in the Los Angeles area has achieved the level of “Silver Partner” with Symantec Corporation.

FPA Wins 2010 Level Platforms Innovator of the Year Award

FPA Technology Services, Inc. (FPA), the leading IT Services and Support firm in the Los Angeles area, today announced that it has been recognized by leading remote monitoring and management software provider, Level Platforms, as their Partner Innovator of the Year.

FPA to Provide Services to Hurdle Jumpers

FPA Technology Services, Inc., the leading full service IT Services and Support firm in the Los Angeles area, announces today that it has been selected to work with Hurdle Jumpers, a Los Angeles non-profit who provides free comfort kits for cancer patients, by providing ongoing web development and support services.


July 4th Holiday Hours

Our FPA team would like to wish you a wonderful holiday! In honor of Independence Day, our offices will be closed on Monday, July 5th.

If you encounter an emergency situation and need to contact us over the July 4th weekend, please email our Help Desk and our on-call team will get back to you as soon as possible.

Happy 4th of July!

Project Spotlight


We recently completed the website redesign for Anchor Loans, a Trust Deed Investment firm, re-building the site from the ground up. In addition to the new look & feel, the new site is based on a Content Management System. Among other things, this gives them the ability to provide a password protected user login section that they can administer themselves.

Staff Spotlight - Dee Perez

If you're an FPA client, then there's no doubt that you've spoken with Dee. She's our Client Services Manager making sure that all of our clients are well taken care of. Along with all that she's responsible for, she focuses on ensuring "client happiness". Dee's been with FPA for over 16 years, so she knows her stuff!

When not working or taking care of her family, Dee enjoys her free time rockin' out to Counting Crows or Train.

Client Testimonial

"I wanted to share with you that your team has been doing a great job in transitioning from our prior consultant. We can’t say enough about JS - his professionalism and knowledge in resolving issues is nothing less than impressive. FPA truly has a dedicated team and we are happy to be to among your clients."

Jonathan Soon
Royal Paper Corp.

Windows 7 Central

Windows 7 has arrived! Click here go to our Windows 7 Central page.

Careers @ FPA

Looking for a career change or know someone who is? We're always on the lookout for talented people to join our elite team.

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