FPA Technology Services, Inc.
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Experience the
At FPA, this is Core Value #1. We will do everything
in our power to ensure you are well taken care of.
If you're looking for a true IT partner, give us a call...
"Take Care of the Client"
Craig Pollack  Founder & CEO
Experience the
Our Team is all about delivering the highest level
of professional service.  We have no competition.
We are truly the "Nordstrom in a sea of Walmarts"!
"Be Professional & Consultative"
Dee Perez  Director of Professional Services
Kyle Eichenbaum  Director of Client Service Delivery
Experience the
Come see what it feels like to work with a technology
company who has "document" in their Core Values.
We guarantee it will make all the difference in the world
when it comes to the quality of service you'll get!
"Document and Standardize"
Americo Dell'Orco  Director of Client Management
Experience the
Come work with a company who's technical
capabilities are only surpassed by our client service
and project management skills. With FPA nothing's
left to chance. You will never hear "Done, but..."
"Done Means Done"
Alex Kazmin  Security Assessment Manager

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